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Based in Whitechapel in the heart of London's east end, the Centre aims to deliver world leading research and education to inform and support local and global primary care and public health policy.

The Centre delivers world-leading research and education to inform and support local, national and global primary care and public health. With over 150 staff, trainees and students, the Centre is one of the leading primary care, public health and health services research centres in the country, coming 5th out of 32 in the 2014 REF.

We have programmes of innovative and internationally relevant research and education and have had a research grant income of £15 million in the last five years.

The Centre is comprised of


The Centre has a UK-leading portfolio of research into primary care and public health. It aims to carry out work to benefit the health of the local population, but much of its work is of national and international significance. Its work is multidisciplinary across general practice, public health, biostatistics, medical sociology, genetics, epidemiology, nursing, bioethics, political science, and psychology.

Specific projects include:

We also support research through:

  1. Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit
  2. Research Design Service London
  3. Primary Care Research Network 
  4. We have an active researcher development programme including PhDs, MDs, ACFs, ACL, and NIHR fellowships.


The Centre for Primary Care and Public Health is committed to education in its broadest sense. Most academic staff are active in undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as continuing professional development.
Key strategic developments include the five MSc programmes, an intercalated MSci, and a new BSc in global health. Our academy includes students from across the world in medicine and social sciences who want to understand how to address the major challenges in global and public health and to develop the skills to advocate on behalf of their patients and communities. Our staff use their research as a platform for teaching and scholarship, and a core strength is interderdisciplinarity and multi-faculty working.
The Centre is also responsible for leading global health teaching in Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, bringing local connections and global knowledge to enhance student opportunities for learning. The Centre contributes to undergraduate teaching in the areas of health services, public health, primary care, community health, and ethics.
The Centre has strong links to the NHS and local health services, and engages with external staff through professional education including GP refreshers and specialised courses in priority areas such as cardiovascular disease, as well as biostatistics, systematic reviews, and clinical trials management.


Muriel McAughtrie
Centre Manager
Centre for Primary Care and Public Health
Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry
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