Professor of Neurogastroenterology
David Baker
Professor of Neuroimmonology
Non-clinical lecturer in Neuroscience
Xuenong Bo
Non-clinical Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery
Karim Brohi
Professor of Trauma Sciences
Professor of Trauma Education
Non clinical Lecturer
Honorary Post Doctoral Clinical Research Fellow
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Research Nurse
Gavin Giovannoni
Professor of Neurology
Professor of Craniofacial Traumatology
Charles Knowles
Professor of Surgery, Deputy Centre Lead for Trauma & Surgery Director of National Bowel Research Centre
Professor of Enteric Neuroscience
Reader in Clinical Neurology and Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Clinical Trials Research Nurse
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Lecturer in Neuroscience
Gregory Michael
Senior Lecturer
Adina Michael-Titus
Professor of Neuroscience
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Professor of Cell Biology
Professor of Neuropharmacology
 Reader in Clinical Neurology
Professor of GI physiology
Senior Research Programme Manager/Managing Director of Clinical Trials Hub for Complex Interventions, Information Governance Lead
  Research  Manager
Norman S Williams
Professor of Surgery; Director of surgical innovation